Welcome to Martha and Nick’s polyamory study! We’re glad you are here.

We are doing a study on various aspects of polyamorous relationships in an effort to improve the quality of health and mental health care available to diverse populations.

This study has been approved by the Internal Review Board for Human Research at Edgewood College, and is partial fulfillment of graduation requirements from a Master’s degree program in Marriage and Family Therapy.

If you are currently in a polyamorous relationship and might be interested in participating in the study, click on the following link:

Online Survey

There you will get access to the online survey. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and you can stop at any time. It is expected to take less than 15 minutes.

Whether or not you decide to participate in the study, you are welcome to return to this blog after January 1, 2012 for access to our results and final paper.

Feel free to share this website with anyone else you know who might be interested, and thank you so much!


Comments on: "Welcome!" (11)

  1. Jenn Woolm said:

    Hi! I am appreciating your efforts in engaging the mental health field with more knowledge about working with polyamorous couples. While attending my MFT program myself and a member of my cohort had the opportunity to do some research around polyamory which involved brining members of the community into our classroom for a forum on their experiences within the lifestyle. I look forward to hearing more about your work and please let me know if you have any questions about ours!

  2. It’s interesting that you’re asking about poly relationships, yet ask only questions about ONE relationship. Things are much more complex than that.

    • Absolutely. We completely agree with you. However, one study can only do so much. Hopefully in time there will be lots of quantitative studies on polyamory, but for now we’re pretty close to the first, and are taking one thing at a time. Thanks very much for your interest!

  3. I made a good faith effort, got to the second page of questions and found it was impossible to complete from there. 😦 On the first page you allow the response that there are multiple primaries, then after that all the questions are about a single person! At least you are not alone: this has been a virtually universal problem with student work on polyamory. The focus on one relationship excludes MOST practicing poly people and further cements the stereotype in the popular imagination that this is what polyamory is. I am grateful for the research in principle and I wish my instinct were not so negative, but it really is. I very much wish you and the other survey designers would be clear that you are studying one aspect of the poly world — that this survey is ONLY for people who have one single most important partner.

  4. I responded to the survey. On the question that was #24 for me, I felt there was ambiguity as to which verb (1st word or 6th word) the adverb (5th word) modified.

  5. I took the survey. However, I found it to be limiting. You are researching poly relationships. You only ask about one partner. Nor did you ask any questions about how poly was handled amongst us. I don’t see what you are going to learn about poly in asking only these types of questions. What does how we show affection to each other have to do with our lifestyle of loving more than one.

    The only way I could really complete this was to answer each question as if it pertained to any relationship I am in. It’s a good thing that I have the same general idea about them all. Others may not. If in a primary relationship that puts that one above all others, they couldn’t have answered as I did.

    I do appreciate the interest in polyamory. Society and the health and therapy field need more people that understand it.

  6. Big Kate said:

    i agree with what Kay said, it was back to mono is normal

    i also found it impossible to explain that my partner is effectively asexual due to trauma i.e. they cannot cope with anyone touching them.

    I’m fully sexual, it just not possible to be so.

    it seem so blinkered in its assumptions which is sad because page 1 was going so well

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